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Re: orion-list Jung's synchronicity(?), Kuhn, and Popper

Dear orion list,

Shortly after writing to the list offering what I would call, Juergen 
(thanks for your response), not a "veto," but suggestions and observations 
that a so-called and ill-defined "consensus" was a misreading of Qumran 
history of scholarship and a misapplication of Kuhnian paradigms, I went to 
the library to find a periodical. I did not find it, but I did find:

"Kuhnian Paradigms and Biblical Scholarship: Is Biblical Studies a 
Science?" by Robert F. Shedinger in JBL 119 (Fall 2000) 453-471.

Shedinger takes Norman Golb's book Who Wrote the DSS? as one of his three 
parade examples of misapplication of Kuhnian paradigm changes.


Stephen Goranson
Durham NC

To Al Baumgarten, I'd like to read such a text, too!

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