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Re: orion-list Qumran burials, an important new article

Dear Sigrid,

	As I read the Zias article, the train of thought is different than your 
description. As a physical anthropologist Zias evaluated Qumran burials and 
concluded that the ancient interments are overwhelmingly adult and male and 
not the result of battle. Then he offered that such accords with and 
supports other indications that Essenes lived at Qumran. I would add that 
some Qumran mss are self-identified as Essene (los Esenios in Spanish, one 
s) by their distinctive uses of the Hebrew root 'asah. On that I have 
challenged some so-called "consensus" scholars, many of whom, not all, have 
supported one of two Aramaic etymologies not anciently attested in 
reference to Essenes.
	I differ with Zias by saying his article does not exclude married Essenes 
	One needless possible point of confusion. One can reasonably speak either 
of the Q cemetery or Q cemeteries, depending how one draws borders. But 
more important than location (though later interments may indeed tend to be 
peripheral in location) is the difference between ancient and modern, 
Bedouin, burials.

	Perhaps Joe Z. will comment, if I got this wrong, if he is still 
subscribed. BTW, Juergen Z. has indicated he will respond when his new 
email is set up.

best wishes,

Stephen Goranson
Durham NC

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