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Re: [orion-list Trinity before Cristianity?]

I am not familiar with the works that you quoted, however, I do
know of a concept where the Father is Jehovah (God), the Holy
Spirit is the Shekinah, Jehovah's wife (the Goddess, the Mother)
and the Son symbolizes the heir to the throne.  It has been said 
that the Messianic/Davidic line started with the Jehovah and the 
Shekinah and this is why Joseph, Mary, and Jesus are known as the 
Holy Family, since they were descendants of King David himself and 
Jesus was hailed as the Messiah (or the David).  It seems to be all
one family.

You might want to check into the Babylonian Genesis, which begins
with a brief reference to the time when nothing existed except the
divine parents, Apsu and Ti-amat (accents omitted since they are
not on my keyboard!), and their son Mummu existed.  This story
supposedly predates the mainstream, Biblical account of Genesis 
but it seems to follow the same theme..Father, Mother and Heir.

I hope this helps...I know it's not much.


Gabi Barzilai <barzilg@mail.biu.ac.il> wrote:
Dear Orion listers

Das anyone knows about A references to the concept of =91trinity=92, in the
second temple period, D.S.S, Pseudepigrapha or Apocrypha, before
Christianity? I found one in Philo=92s =91About Abraham=92 (119-122), is it=
only one?

If there are such references, what is the origin of the trinity concept?=20

Any help will by appreciated.

Gabi Barzilai
Bar-Ilan University.

Gabi Barzilai

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