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Re: orion-list Qumran cemeteries, an important new article

Dear friends and collegues,

Thanks to Stephen Goranson for pointing our attention to the latest 
article by Joe Zias. To put the latter in context, however, it might be 
interesting for the readers of Orion to take a look at my article just 
published in Qumran Chronicle 9 (2000), pp. 51-76: "Bones of contention. 
'New' bones from Qumran help settle old questions and raise new ones".
More first hand material on bones from deVaux's excavations currently 
kept in Germany and much more data on the region have just come off the 
press in B.Maier (ed.), Jericho und Qumran, Regensburg 2000 (available at 
Verlag Friedrich Pustet, Gutenbergstr. 8, 93051 Regensburg, Germany).
I am looking forward to a lively discussion.

With all best wishes, 

Jürgen Zangenberg

Dr. Jürgen Zangenberg
630 Whitney Ave. 
New Haven CT 06511

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