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orion-list web site problem

The university's Unix machine is having some problems today. If you try to
access the Orion Web site with Netscape, you'll get the html code on any
page with an .shtml extension. If you access the pages with Explorer,
you'll see the .shtml pages in their formatted form but none of the
included files will show up (including the current bibliography) because
the SSI calls are not working.

In other words, if you are desperate to see a document on the site, use
Explorer (unless you have the patience to read all that code in Netscape).
If you need to see the current bibliography, you'll have to wait until the
server is fixed (or you can call up the files directly by reading the
code, if you know how it works). The sys op has assured me that it should
be working in a few hours. Sorry for the inconvenience. 


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