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orion-list Intellectual Property book announcement

Posted on behalf of Dr. Timothy H. Lim, Edinburgh University.


In light of the Supreme Court of Israel's decision to uphold the District
Court's Judgment on the MMT case, it will be of interest to readers of the
list to know that a volume of papers from the Edinburgh Symposium will be
published by Sheffield Academic Press in May 2001.  Entitled, On Scrolls,
Artefacts and Intellectual Property eds. Timothy H. Lim, Hector L.
MacQueen and Calum M. Carmichael, this volume includes an authorized
English translation of Justice Dorner's Judgment, papers by Hershel
Shanks, and by legal experts Cindy Carson, Hector MacQueen, Paul
Torremans, and Wojciech Kowalski. The following is a list of the
contributions from the Table of Contents:

I. Introduction                     Dr. Timothy H. Lim
II. Opening Remarks             Rt Hon Lord Rodger of Earlsferry

Section I: The Case of 4QMMT
Justice Dalia Dorner, "The Judgment"
Mr. Hershel Shanks, "Intellectual Property Law and the Scholar--Cases I
Have Known"

Section II: Principles of Intellectual Property and Copyright Laws
Prof. Cindy Alberts Carson, "The Application of American Copyright Law to
the Dead Sea Scrolls Controversy"
Prof. Hector MacQueen, "Copyright Law and the Dead Sea Scrolls: A British
Dr. Paul Torremans, "Choice of Law Regarding Copyright and the Dead Sea
Scrolls Controversy"
Prof. Wojciech Kowalski, "Legal Aspects of Recent History of the Qumran
Scrolls: Access, Ownership Title and Copyright"

Section III: History of the Study of the Qumran Scrolls
Prof. John Strugnell, "The Original Team of Editors"
Prof. Geza Vermes, "Access to the Dead Sea Scrolls: Fifty Years of
Personal Experience"
Prof. Emanuel Tov, "The Publication of the Dead Sea Scrolls"

Section IV: Scholarly Enterprise and Intellectual Property Rights
Prof. John Richardson, "To Publish or Not to Publish? Anecdotes from the
Secret History of Epigraphy"
Dr. Kay Prag, "Kenyon's Jerusalem Excavation Reports"

To place an advance order, contact Sheffield
Academic Press at:

Mansion House, 19 Kingfield Road
Sheffield S11 9AS, England
Phone: +44 (0)114 255 4433
Fax: +44 (0)114 255 4626
E-mail: admin@sheffac.demon.co.uk

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