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Re: orion-list 390 years and following

an addendum: it bothered me that I didnt know where the 390=heavens was
--my memory fails in old age-- so i looked it up in otzar hamidrashim and
found it in hanukka 6, and maayan hochma 9-- BUT along the way in the
seacrh I found that Ez 4:9, 390 days is read by tghe rabbis as 390 years,
like the israelites 40 days of sin got translated into 40 years. Seder
Olam Rabba 26 is the primary source with Pesitka Rabbati 18:4 and Kohelet
Rabba 2:10 as interst also. The reference in CD is thus literary and not
historical in the sense that one should really not  count years from point
x to
point y.--  like jeremiahs 70 years i guess.


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