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Re: orion-list Seth in Josephus

SAbramo884@aol.com asked:

>  Dear Listers:
>  I saw a public TV show on the founding of the Mormon church by Joseph 
>  It stated that the Mormon bible was translated from a book written in 
>  Egyptian.
>  What language was used?  Was there any relation to the query about Seth?
>  SAbramo884@AOL.com

This is really off-topic for the list, and I'm sure that further discussion, 
if any, should be taken private.  However, the Book of Mormon was said to be 
written in "reformed Egyptian" characters.  Since the Book of Mormon was said 
by Joseph Smith to have been written on golden plates whose location was 
revealed to him by heavenly personages, was translated miraculously (Joseph 
Smith spoke only English), and since he reported that he returned it to 
heaven and so it cannot be studied, it is not of the same level of evidence 
as the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Robert Leonard
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