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orion-list Amusin Thanks, 4QD biblio query

    Thanks to all who responded with information on Amusin's publication in Ve
stnik Drevnej Istorii.  I'll have to dig up some Russian relatives to help me 

    I have another question, regarding the proper citation of 4QD fragments.  
I have noticed that only rarely is there a correspondence between 4QD 
references in Charlotte Hempel's _The Laws of the Damascus Document_ (Brill, 
1998) and the numbering in the translation I habitually use by Garcia 
Martinez. For instance, a passage labeled 4QD(b) 6 ii 1-16 in Garcia Martinez 
is cited as 4QD(a) 5 ii 1-16 in Hempel, etc., apparently reflecting 
controversy over which fragments belong to which document.  Who is currently 
the authoritative source to use on 4QD?  (I am guessing Baumgarten in Qumran 
Cave 4 XIII which remarkably is not yet accessible locally.  Charlesworth's 
volume with CD + 4QD fragments edited by Baumgarten was disappointingly 

    Thanks again,
    Russell Gmirkin

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