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orion-list Amusin biblio query

   In researching the research on Joseph Amusin of Leningrad on the pesherim, 
I've run up against a periodical abbreviation I've never encountered before 
(in his 1977 HUCA article), "VDI".  Could someone on the list enlighten 
regarding this journal [?] name?
   A private response would suffice.

   J. Amusin, "The Qumran Commentary on Nahum (4Qp Nahum I)," VDI (1962) #4, 
Pentateuch. 101-110.
   J. Amusin, "New Fragments of the Qumran Commentary on Nahum (4Qp Nahum  
II-IV)," VDI (1964) #1, Pentateuch. 35-47.

    Russell Gmirkin
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