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orion-list Re: orion-digest V2000 #102 scribal hands

with regard to the question concerning scribal hands: 
in the recently published DJD XXIX Esther Chazon refers to John 
Strugnell who thinks that 4Q457 was written by Scribe 1 (the 
1QS,Sa,Sb etc. scribe), and states that 4Q443  has a similar hand 
(though not claiming that it was the same scribe). 

In the case of Scribe 1 we can distinguish a common hand, but also 
the same kind of scribal peculiarities (e.g. representing the 
4grammaton by four dots) and a remarkable incertitude with regard 
to laryngals/gutturals in the texts (both interchange and elision), a 
high percentage of scribal corrections etc in most of the texts 
attributed to this scribe. To my knowledge no-one has 
systematically compared all the texts attributed to this scribe (but 
Martin's classic book is still a Fundgrube and Ulrich has listed in his 
article on 4QSam-c the most striking correspondences). 

Eibert Tigchelaar
University of Groningen
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