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Re: orion-list DSS and the Pharisees

On Wed, 19 Jul 2000, Anthony Becker wrote:

> My post concerns the all occurances of the Pharisees in the Dead Sea
> Scrolls.I am in the process of compiling a list such a list, and need some
> help. I am looking not only for occurences of terms which refer to the
> Pharisees, but also the reasoning for why those terms do. Here is what I
> have found so far...

You may want to check the preliminary draft of a paper by Tal Ilan,
presented at the 4th Orion Symposium, on the reign of Queen Shelamzion. 
It's on our Web site. The final draft will appear in our symposium
proceedings (in press at the moment). 

[note: Anthony Becker's posting was longer than I normally allow but I let
it through as an exception.]


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