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Re: orion-list halakhah & method (See Notice Below)

please note  qumran does not help us at all understand the sugya in the
tosefta opr the talmud about pulling animals out of pits;  nor dos it shed
light on the NT--   the tosefta law is similar to qumran and the NT is
similar to the amoraic statement of RAv, however, dss helps not one whit
in following the talmudic argument. for a full discussion of all the
issues see h basser, part 1, studies in exegegis brill 2000. the problem
in the talmud that needs clarification, which is not discussed in the
above refernce is the problem of what happens to a pillow placed under an
cease to be a uternsil and become built into th earth or what? that is the
issue and neither qumran nor NT will solveit. NT nowhere discusses essenes
and its still unclear if the unidentified sect at qumran, if it existed,,
were essenes. the question was if dss can help understanbd talmud-- the
answer is no. 

aka hbasser
Queen's University
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