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Re: orion-list halakhah & method (See Notice Below)

"From a historical point of view, DSS help us understand
the antiquity of some laws but by and large it is the talmud that may shed
light on a passage in the DSS and not the other way around. an knowledge
of the history of mathematics will be of no use to someone struggling to
follow a specific proof in a textbook of differential calculus."

I beg to disagree.  Until a complete analysis is done (and I thank
Jbarr2002@aol.com  for raising an interesting question on this) I do not believe
we can draw such a conclusion.  As an exemple for my opinion take the statement
of Jesus that now appears to be aimed directly at the Essenes -- who among you
would not pull an animal out of a pit on Shabbat (my own loose rendering from
memory).  Until the DSS, this saying was, at best, confusing.  After the DSS, it
is clear that both (1) Jesus' statement was aimed directly at the Essenes and
(2) the intrepretation and observance of halakhah by Essenes was articularly
strict -- probably stricter than the intreprtation and observance of halakah by
many (or most) of the sectarian groups at that time.  One statement has
elucidated points about both groups.  Therefore, I do not believe that the
talmud/DSS comparison is a one-way street.
Hope E. Rosenbaum-Werner


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