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orion-list halakhah & method

  My question pertains not to philology, but method.
Can anyone explain the following: the resounding
silence by popular Talmudists (e.g., Steinsaltz, the
Artscroll team, the Daf Yomi Online Forum) towards
the history of halakhah as revealed by the DSS?
  Joseph Baumgarten has published on this topic
for over 40 years, with Lawrence Schiffman a close
second. Ya'akov Sussman's 1989/90 article in Tarbiz
(59:11-76; ET in DJD X, Appendix 1) is masterful.
Study of the the daf yomi is a hot item now, aided by
the internet and CD-roms -- yet invariably fails to
incorporate that higher viewpoint which is, I think,
part of the exciting legacy of Qumran. 
  It's a puzzlement.
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