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"orion-list Prof. Goranson has it right - Essenes = Observers"

   Concerning Jack G.'s and others' thread on the
etymology of "Essenes" [sic] -- 
    I am at a loss to explain the downward spiral this
discussion has taken. One patient reader helpfully 
suggested ignoring Strong and consulting instead the
standard dictionaries: Liddell-Scott-Jones, Bauer-Arndt-
Gingrich, etc. Such advice is well taken: that is an
inescapable and preliminary step for engaging in scholarship.
    In addition, the "Strong School" might profit from
rereading the revised Schurer (v.2: 559-560, and
footnotes there). See, for example, the article by
Vermes: "The Etymology of the Essenes", PBJS (1975):
9-19. He can provide a model of how scholars go about
pursuing an etymology.
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