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Re: orion-list Teacher of Righteousness

Dear Michael McDougal:

Since most everyone else is away from their PC's "on break" from 
university, and since I was an early enthusiast for Wise's book,
I thought I would answer your post.

Mr. McDougal, there is hardly ANYTHING in the field of the 
DSS that is "commonly accepted among scholars".  I would like
to think that something like the unique nature of the Qumran settlement
would be "commonly accepted" as Essene and DSS related.  But 
even with this there are a number of VOCAL protests (while vocal
I don't find them credidible).

As to the Teacher of Righteousness..... well, that's a HUGE
controversy.  I was absolutely delighted with Prof. Wise's development
of the ideas in his book.  He uncovers some VERY important connections
between "profane history" and DSS texts.  However, and I'm sure there
is no way to soften this, I am still not able to confirm (yet) that I
with his identification of the T.o.R.

I have often thought about creating a website that had a large table,
identifying various "views" on who the ToR would be.  The table
would have columns for "Evidence Type", "Evidence Citation", 
"Refutations of Objections" and so on.  I think this would be a real
service to the field.  But if someone more knowledgeable in the 
period, and quicker with website development, ever sets it up before
me, so be it!  I would love that!  Maybe it could be YOU!?

In the meantime, people continue to propose ToR candidates ranging
from BEFORE the time of the Macccabees all the way to Jesus.  

I myself suspect that the T.o.R., if it is not a TITLE for a continuous
line of successors, was first applied to Judah the HAMMER, or his
father.  But I'm willing to think it could be later.

George Brooks
Tampa, FL
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