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orion-list Hebrew and Greek Words - In Context (and in the correct font)

Recently there was an interest in seeing how some of 
the Hebrew terms I was using to tracking (if at all possible)
the evolution of the terms for pre-Qumran sect villages.
While I did not have the space to actually provide these
in the post, it is now obvious to me that simply listing
this handy URL should satisfy most of the curious:


At this site, at the appropriate "search screen", typing in an
English word, or the Strong Number, makes it possible to do
more than just obtain the various denotations and connotations
of a word, but it also shows the word in GREEK or HEBREW
fonts (without special downloads), and the texts that use the
words in the way suggested.  For those who are already quite
aware of this site, please bear with me, since I am responding
to an earlier request.

George Brooks
Tampa, FL
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