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orion-list Getting PAST the Strong's Hebrew

David Hindley writes:

"Yes, no one is going to take an analysis based entirely on Strong's numbers seriously. Go to BAGD or L-S, etc, and explain your reasoning.  Cite some sources (from, say, the church fathers) where the words are used as you interpret them."

David, I appreciate your patience in this matter.  In this
most recent post, I  have itemized the Hebrew vocabulary.
I had quite a bit more to say about them, but Orion allows
posts of only 4k.

I DO plan on developing these ideas further.  But Orion
protocol also specifically discourages people merely cutting
LONG posts into 2 or more pieces.

I will be happy to respond to your comments as we go along.
Though I think some of your "requirements" are a little on
the "unlikely" side.  If there were existing texts that 
already SHOWED this kind of "evolution" from Kinneroth
to Genneseret, I would not have been the one to bring it up.

On the flip side of the coin, I would like to have someone
provide a text that explains HOW the Greek word for Harps
was derived from the Hebrew word for Harps.... in a way
OTHER than the path I suggest.

George Brooks
Tampa, FL
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