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orion-list Genesseret - Fishing Village AND? Hidden Tradition?

Jack Kilmon,

It HAS been very quite on ORION for quite a while.

But maybe this will be a good excuse to ask you a question.  I
was looking for a "blurb" on your website on the fishing
village, Genesseret.

Do you think you could add a treatment on this community?
I am wondering if it might be one of the "sources" of the term
"Neseret", as well as linked to the Jewish sect of "Nazor-enes"
which could have been the source of the Essene-like Mandaeans
and/or the school of John the Baptist.

Since I suspect you have greate expertise in juggling these
notions, I look forward to hearing what you might have to say
on these topics (inter-related or not).


George Brooks
Tampa, FL

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