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orion-list IOU: Messianic Apocalypse in DSS and Matt 11:2-6

With apologies for cross posting:

I have just returned from viewing the DSS Exhibit at the Field Museum in
Chicago. Breathtaking.

Among the many things which made this a wonderful experience  was seeing
at first hand the so-called "Messianic Apocalypse" in which there are
substantial formal and verbal parallels to Jesus' answer to the
baptist's disciples in Matt 11:2-6 and par.  I'm sure I'm not the first
to see this, but (and probably because I haven't yet looked) I'm not
aware of any published material on the parallels and/or what the
"Messianic apocalypse" signifies in terms of the meaning or
interpretation of Matt 11:2-6.

So I'd be grateful for any bibliographical references  List members can
point me to.


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