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orion-list G. Weil, Massorah Gedolah


For several years I am looking for  G.Weil, Massorah Gedolah iuxta codicem
Leningradensem B 19a, Pontificium Institutum Biblicum/Societas Biblica
Virtembergensis, Romae/Stuttgartensiae,1971.

I do not mannage to find a second hand one (the book being out of print/stock).
Does anyone has that book and is prepared to sell it to me?

Many thanks

A. Ternier
Centre for Septuagint Studies and Textual Criticism
Faculty of Theology
St-Michielsstraat 6
3000	Leuven
e-mail: Antoon.Ternier@theo.KULeuven.ac.be
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