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Re: orion-list date of 4Q52[4QSam(b)]

On Sat, 03 Jun 2000 15:36:09 -0500, jgibson000@home.com writes:
>As you are all undoubtedly aware, it was Cross' contention, based on
>paleographic studies, that 4Q52[4QSam(b)] was among the (if not **the**)
>oldest MSS from Qumran and dates from the end of the 3rd cent. B.C.E.

   Whether it's that old, I'm not sure but I have the Allegro printing
   of it showing it to match clearly the LXX as against RV/MT, ie,
   here was Hebrew against MT and for LXX.  Allegro _The Dead Sea Scrolls:
   A Reappraisal_ London: Penguin, 1956, pp.66-73.  Pity the fragment
   code you gave threw me off.


Tom Simms

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