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orion-list date of 4Q52[4QSam(b)]

As you are all undoubtedly aware, it was Cross' contention, based on
paleographic studies, that 4Q52[4QSam(b)] was among the (if not **the**)
oldest MSS from Qumran and dates from the end of the 3rd cent. B.C.E.

It is my understanding that this is still held to be the case. (I note
that Vanderkamm [following Milik and Strugnell] supports the dating in
his _DSS Today_).

But I am not as widely read in DSS studies as I would like to be. So my
question is: Am I correct in my supposition?  Is the present consensus
one of agreement with what Cross concluded?


Jeffrey Gibson
(who is newly arrived at Orion and glad to be here)
Jeffrey B. Gibson
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