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Re: orion-list photo

Avital Pinnick wrote:
> Forwarded on behalf of David Suter:
> >Has anyone looked at the script in the photo on the web site
> >  (http://www.nationalpost.com/news.asp?s2=world&f=000415/260606.html)?
> >I copied it to my computer and
> >  opened it in in Kodak Imaging, which displayed it full screen at
> >100%.  Some of the characters could be
> >  Paleo-Hebrew and other Aramaic script, but is it Hebrew?

Unless there is a better photograph of this stone, I cannot tell if
there is any Hebrew.  I see some Palaeo-Hebrew characters and some
pre-Herodian looking Aramaic square script...but unless there is a
lot of disfigurement, I am also seeing some "Joseph Smith-type"
Ancient stelae like this one is purported to be get a lot of
attention.  Most of us can recite the Siloam inscription and the
Mesha stone by heart.
Why have I not heard of this thingy before?



taybutheh d'maran yeshua masheecha am kulkon

Jack Kilmon


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