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orion-list Lost Tribes Tonight


Our fellow Canadian, Simcha Jacobovici, perhaps you've met
him, Avital, presents tonight on A&E his latest film on the
Lost Tribes of Israel.  In the weekend _National Post_
<www.nationalost.com> there's a photo of him in front of an
inscription still there on the border of Pakistan/Afghanis-
tan which the caption names as, "Hebrew carvings from 2300
hundred years ago".

The program has already run on the CBC network but I plan to
watch again.  Friends of mine from across the Kennebecasis
called to warn me of it and though it ran right through my
bedtime it was well worth it.  

Jacobovici caught my attention at least and many others' too
with his first presentation on CBC which showed how many
Jews came to dominate Hollywood film making.  This one had a
ready audience here in Saint John where Louis B. Mayer grew
up, moved to Boston and hooked up with Sam Goldwyn.  Since
Walter Pigeon is another Saint Johner, the talk circuits
buzzed furiously.  (Perhaps the art of tale telling was
honed to its fine edge here?)

Jacobovici and his partner in Associated Producers, Elliot
Halpern (any hook to Baruch?), have fielded floods of in-
quiries since the film saw air.  

The film shows the inscriptions noted so briefly I was not
able to make any decision as to what it was.  That's why I'm
posting this notice.  Perhaps the List can offer comments.
If he's right, it's a major artifact, predating the Scrolls
by at least two centuries.

My first reaction after viewing was my amazement at seeing
the two sides of "lost tr`ibes", the public one undistin-
guishable from the rest of the locality, the private one
with yarmulkes, prayer shawls and phylacteries just like the
devout Orthodox Jew Jacobovici is.  (The photo of the 47
year old Jacobovici before the inscription merit comparison
with 69 year old Tom Simms in front of Tut in my Web.  I
think I've weathered better than I knew...)

Your reactions please.

Tom Simms 

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