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orion-list Re: 1QH-a column and line numbers

Dear Juan,

In our "Bibliography of the Hodayot, 1948-1996" [_Dead Sea Discoveries_
4.1 (1997), 55-101], Eileen Schuller and I arranged the scholarly studies
by individual hymn insofar as the evidence permitted. Where appropriate,
column and line numbers to 1QH-a were presented according to the
reconstruction of the manuscript by H. Stegemann, and then (in square
brackets) according to Sukenik.

Thus, one finds the entry for the hymn identified as 1QH-a xi 6-19
[Sukenik iii 5-18]. The difference in column numbers is clear, and one may
conclude that, to the extent of this hymn at least, Sukenik's line numbers
are "one behind" Stegemann's. Another example is the entry for the hymn
titled 1QH-a xv 9-28 [Sukenik vii 6-25]; here Sukenik is "three behind"
Stegemann. The method is crude, but it may be useful until a formal list
is published.


Lorenzo DiTommaso
McMaster University

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