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orion-list Re: orion-digest V2000 #62

Dear Juan and David,

the problem with regard to the Hodayot (1QH-a) is the fact that the 
first and official edition, the one by Sukenik, did not present the 
parts of the scroll in the correct order. 
	Several scholars, notably Stegemann and Puech, reconstructed 
the original order of the scroll, but we are still awaiting the new 
edition of the Hodayot by Stegemann. 
	In the mean time, several scholars, like e.g. Garcia Martinez, 
already departed from the numbering given by Sukenik, and 
adopted the numbering proposed by Puech in several publications. 
Therefore, the first column in Garcia Martinez corresponds to frag. 
16 and 11 of Sukenik, and, e.g. Sukenik's col. I is col. IX in Garcia 
martinez. This all is very confusing to the non initiated, and for the 
time being all references to 1QH should consist of a double 
numbering. Unfortunately Garcia Martinez in his translations, and 
Garcia Martinez and myself in our Study Edition, adopted the 
column numbers as proposed by Puech (and Stegemann) but not 
the line numbers. In short, we really have here a big mess. 
	To my knowledge there is no published list of exact 
correspondences between the Sukenik edition and the Stegemann 
proposal. Garcia Martinez's translation at least can help one to find a 
correspondence of columns. On the other hand several lists of 
correspondences are now finding their way in the scholarly world. 
All I can advise is to have patience, and try to find the 
correspondences by comparing large sections of the translations. 

Eibert J.C. Tigchelaar
Qumran Instituut
Nieuwe Kijk in 't Jatstraat 104
9712 SL  Groningen
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