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orion-list classification systems in DSS

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Greetings from Costa Rica! For several years I have been frustrated when
trying to locate documents and specific passages fron the Dead Sea Scrolls.
I use Florentino Garcia (Spanish 1992; Engl 1994) & Vermes (1995), plus
Gaster (1956) and Burrows (1955).  The books I consult (especially
commentaries on Revelation) cite the DSS in inconsistent ways which make it
hard to locate the passages in the different collections of texts. Most of
the time I manage to locate the document that was named (by the tabla at end
of García Martínez etc), though sometimes even that is difficult.  But my
biggest problem is locating ^Óchapter and verse^Ô to get to the specific text
itself, especially in García Martinez.

An illustration from the Hymns (Hodayoth): I have located in Vermes a
passage (p.197) ^Óthe womb of the Pit ...[Hell and Abaddon] shall open^Ô etc
etc, which seems to be listed as ^Ó4 ^Ö III ^Ö 10-15^Ô; Gaster seems to have it
as V (iii.6-15) but I cannot find any passage remotely similar in all the
Hymns in García Martínez. (Perhaps if I had some way to do a computer check
of key words I might find it; but the classification codes seem so different
that it leaves me totally lost).

Even the basic signos in Vermes (and the others) are not clear to me. At the
start of the Hymns (p.190) Vermes has a small ^ÓÏ^Ô in the center of the page
and then a larger darker ^ÓI^Ôat the left margin. For the passage I^Òm chasing
down (p.196) Vermes has a small ^Ó4^Ô in the center of the page and a larger,
darker ^ÓIII^Ô on the left margin. Are these columns, chapters, verses or
what?  And to what do they correspond in García Martínez?

Why is the first Hymn in García Martinez totally different from that in
Vermes (or Gaster, Burrows)?

There must be books that explain this but I^Òsomewhat isolated here in Costa
Rica and have found nothing to help me. I will be eternally grateful for any

Juan Stam, Universidad Nacional, Costa Rica

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