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Re: orion-list RE: orion-digest V2000 #59

David Hindley writes:
> Have you also considered the "History of the Rechabites", translated
> by J. H. Charlesworth, with critical notes, in _Old Testament
> Pseudepigrapha_,vol 2, 1985, pp. 443ff?

David, how coincidental about your mentioning Charlesworth's book:

1) I quoted several passages from the History of the Rechabites on Orion.
At the urging of the moderator, I received written permission from J.H.
Charlesworth to quote even MORE liberally from this work.

2) If you look the book up at www.Amazon.com, you will find a review
of this book.

3) The "History" is actually a sort of legendary story about the
one might say "a la Josephus," because the story brings us to a "sacred
- - where they await to shed their bodies so their souls can travel to
Heaven, and where, it would seem, non-Rechabite souls can also sojourn
before going to Heaven.  As translated, the "History" is a
Jewish/Christian text, but it seems that the
Christian elements have been tagged onto the front and the end, and that
central portions may indeed be quite old (pre-Christian).

The book is a quick read, and makes very interesting connections to
ascetic practices of Essenes and an amazing similarity to the lifestyle
of Bannus as mentioned by Josephus.

George Brooks
Tampa, FL
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