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Re: orion-list Full Suda Translation (rough draft)


One of the reasons I am suspending my Rechabite/Therapeutae
thread is to take the time to read Peter van der Horst's
book.  And I am grateful that you have finally provided
some details of what is Egyptian about these Egyptian
Priests.  As you know, it is MUCH easier and QUICKER for
you to write a few sentences from a book you recommend,
than it is for me to obtain a copy of the book.  And
with the few times that I have followed up on your 
recommendations, I was stunned to see how "differently"
we interpret the same text.  So we get to see if history
repeats itself.

Since you can easily stall every thread I might be
involved in by suggesting a book from your ample library
which will take me at least two weeks to obtain, I think it
is reasonable for you to provide a "taste" of what you want
me to read.  I provided a taste from a different commentary on the Egyptian Priests.  And now, at last, you have returned the favor.  Now I will get the book.

This is all about you and others "dismissing"
the value of the Suda item on the Essenes which, in and
of itself, seems to be a valuable connection between the
Palestinian Rechabites and the Palestinian Essenes.  You
are the one who started this fishing expedition into 
Egypt and the Therapeautae.  

You sounded a little exasperated in your last posting.
But invalidating ancient references on the Essenes by
saying they are REALLY about the Therapeautae is not
an accuasation to be taken lightly.  How would the
writer of the Suda confuse rivalry with the Pharisees
onto the Therapeutae?  How would the writer confuse
the insight that the Arab wilderness-based Rechabites
were the ethnic roots of the Essenes, when (according
to you) he really meant the Therapeautae, who lived
in Egypt?  

Meanwhile, I find it more than notable that you have
provided a more than adequate justification for why a
"nice guy" like Chaeremon might lie about a community
of ascetic Jewish Priests living in Egypt.  From the
very first time I heard your charge that Philo had
fabricated the existence of the Therapeutae, it seemed
clear that it was a choice between the credibility of
Chaeremon and the credibility of Philo.

You obviously prefer Chaeremon.

I'll let you know, off-list, when I get the book in 
my hands.


George Brooks
Tampa, FL
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