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Re: orion-list Qumran coins

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Hi Steve!

I am afraid, as with most of Qumran archaeology, there is no such thing as 
a "complete" list/inventory etc. It is fragments (like in real archaeological 
life). I saw a similar exhibition in Cologne two years ago, they probably had the 
same coins on display there.
Here are a few titles on Qumran numismatics I know of 
W.Wirgin, Numismatics and Dead Sea Scrolls, RQ 2/5 (1959), 69-74
M.Sharabani, Monnaies de Qumran au Musée Rockefeller de Jerusalem, RB 87 (1980), 
A.S.Arif, A Treasury of Classical and Islamic Coins. The Collection of Amman 
Museum, London 1986
J.Ciecielag, Coins from the So-Called Essene Settlements on the Dead Sea Shore, 
in: Z.J.Kapera (ed.), Mogilany 1995. Papers of the Dead Sea Scrolls offered in 
memory of Aleksy Klawek, Cracow 1998, 105-115 (very important)
You might also want to read the discussion on the whereabouts of some coiuns in: 
M.O.Wise etc (eds.), Methods of Invesitigation of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the 
Khirbet Qumran Site, New York 1994 (ANYAS 722), 32-38.
R.D.Leonard, Numismatic Evidence for the Dating of Qumran, Qumran Chronicle 7 
(1997), 225-234.
and the indispensable list provided by F.Rohrhirsch in the Gerrman translation of 
R.DeVaux's Excavation diaries (NTOA.Series Archaeologica 1a, 
Fribourg/Switzerland/Göttingen 1996),pp.119-131 and 159-181.
There is also an article in one of the Qumran Chronicles issued in the 90ies 
discussing the numismatic spectrum from Masada, which isd also very helpful. 
Unfoprtunately, I just cannot recall the author and number of the issue.

That's what I know; I'd be happy if anybody on orion might want to supplement it!

All the best, and please keep me tuned on what you find out, Steve!


Dr. Juergen Zangenberg
Bergische Universitaet Wuppertal

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