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Re: orion-list re. John The Baptist

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The Brother James tradition is post-Messianic Messianism, whereas Eliyah is
pre-Messianic Messianism - in any case!
The hidden family story is a puzzle to me. To many Marias and too less
information. Following Bultmann, whose sandals I am not worthy to bear, we
know nothing about the historical Jesus.
Shadows on the wall, that's probably all we find.
Eisenman's JBJ you know already (What about his earlier JJHP and MZCQ?).
Hengel's Zealots you should read next. Then Kloppenborg or Crossan
on Q.
And don't gather the chaff into the granary.
In the meantime I'll keep the coffee warm.


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> Dierk,
> Even if we interpret "girdle" as only a belt, the
> belt is STILL made of leather.
> I'm not sure James, the "brother" of Jesus would
> wear a leather belt.  And if Jesus was remaining
> more or less "true" to the traditions of his family
> of origin in the "basics" (like wearing clothing that
> had fringes, or honoring some but not all of the
> other customs), AND if we believe Jesus was
> related to John the Baptist through his mother,
> then we might conclude that Jesus might have
> been a little more lax than his own "tribe" or
> tribe, while John the Baptist might have been a
> little more "extreme" than the Jesus/John clan.
> George Brooks
> Tampa, FL

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