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Fw: orion-list re. John The Baptist


I have a few other things I'm working on right
now.  But I suggest taking a look at what 
Hippolytus had to say in his work on heresies
about the four factions within the Essene
"community" or "movement".   He mentions
that there is a branch of the Essenes that 
emphasized communal love and brotherhood,
but which also was considered so far from the
purist practioners of Essenism that if one of
the more rigorous Essenes were touched by
one, they would seek ablutions as though a
non-Essene had touched them.

Considering the emphasis on linen apparel,
I would think that despite John the Baptist's
obvious Essene like ways, his animal-skin
clothing might have been considered quite
a defilement.

If you don't have access to the works of
Hippolytus (I think it is in Chapter 9 of his
work on heresies), email me off-list and I
will send you an etext of what I already
have somewhere in my archives.

Welcome to Orion from a fellow explorer
of the past....

George Brooks
Tampa, FL

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