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orion-list mssg from Stephen Goranson

Stephen Goranson is taking a break from the Orion List. In the meantime,
he has forwarded the following for me to post:

        It has been mentioned to me that my posted comment that Doudna,
Hutchesson, and Golb have attempted to "erase history" of Essenes at
Qumran might possibly have been taken by some readers as if an accusation
of racism. I certainly did not and do not intend any such charge. I have
no reason whatsoever to consider any one of them to be racist. Whatever
the motives of these three individuals--which need not be identical--was
not the concern of my post. 

        It is plain that I consider their (different) historical
reconstructions in this case to be quite objectionable, and unfortunate,
in my opinion, in obscuring the relevant history. But I certainly do not
and did not tag them as racists.  If anyone got that impression, I
sincerely apologize for that misunderstanding. 

Stephen Goranson

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