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Re: orion-list "case for 63 BCE," Doudna, Qu

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Tom wrote


>Hardly fair to discuss this when the originals are either "un-
>subscribed" or "proscribed" and can't answer.


Was it you or me who asked for the return of comrade Ian? However, don't
make a Freud' taboo of things already in discussion. That on fair/unfair.
The Olivia Oil theory I know, but that has less to do with the internal
politics of the scrolls but a lot with the extern salad politics of their
My criticism of the basic(!) axioms is understood, therefore the snip. Thus
I've won the day, even without a gambit.

But that doesn't mean that I have signed a contract for further engagements
during the following campaign:

'On the eve of the battle of Waterloo, Lord Uxbridge, commanding the
cavalry, went to the Duke of Wellington in order to learn what his plans and
calculations were for the morrow, because, as he explained, he might
suddenly find himself Commander-in-chief and would be unable to frame new
plans in a critical moment.  The Duke listened quietly and then said: "Who
will attack the first tomorrow -- I or Bonaparte?"  "Bonaparte," replied
Lord Uxbridge. "Well," continued the Duke, "Bonaparte has not given me any
idea of his projects; and as my plans will depend upon his, how can you
expect me to tell you what mine are?"' [Words on Wellington by Sir W.


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