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Re: orion-list "case for 63 BCE," Doudna, Qu

On Tue, 28 Mar 2000 12:28:51 +0200, haGalil@gmx.net writes:
>Gregory L. Doudna wrote, in the first of 5 "Conclusions":
>"The end of internal references after 63 BCE is total and *permanent*,
>without exception."  (Qumran Chronicle 8 no. 4 p.88; my **s)
>That's one of Ian's basic axioms. Herein internal references are equalized

   [... Snip ...]



   Hardly fair to discuss this when the originals are either "un-
   subscribed" or "proscribed" and can't answer.

   My way to answer is to remind you of John Allegro's 1955/6 note
   on the use of Castor Oil to brighten the scripts and of my own
   notice that we have no record of which Scrolls wer affected and
   which not, leaving all "contaminated", hence any date assigned
   will be seen as later than their origins.

Tom Simms
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