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Re: orion-list The outer form of the shield in 1QM

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thanks for catching after the emerged sedge. Now it's my turn to set the
hook successfully.

The War Scroll measurements are, no doubt, given in cubits. But the kind of
cubit in use during the redaction phase is still not investigated
But first, the Greek measurements are, it is, though often forgotten,
recognized, the following:

1 fingerbreadth = 1.85 cm (~ 1 Hebrew 'thumbbreadth')
1 palm = 4 fingers = 7.4 cm
1 foot = 16 fingers = 4 palms = 29.6 cm
1 cubit = 24 fingers = 6 palms = 44.4 cm

Therefore it is easy to translate Polyb. VI, 23 into metric measurements:
'... the Roman panoply consists in the first place of a long shield
(scutum). The surface is (traditional oval) convex (!); it measures two and
a half-feet (= 74.0 cm) in width and four feet (= 118.4 cm) in length, and
<the thickness at> the rim (i.e., the bend) is a palm's breadth (= 7.4

Thus the oval-convex scutum of the Republican Roman infantry measured c.
118.4 cm x 74.0 cm x 7.4 cm. The flat oval, semi-oval-convex (sometimes
called semi-rectangular), semi-cylindrical and flat rectangular shield
versions are later product simplifications, the result of increased mass
production which followed the army reforms of Marius and Augustus.

Let's now turn to the Hebrew measurements.

The following cubit measurements are known from Herod's harmonizing of the
different traditions in the cult-architecture in his plan of the Temple:

  4 stadia (minor Asia)  210 m = 840 m [Ant XV,400]
= 4 x 700 = 2800 long-ft  35.0 cm
= 4 x 600 = 2400 std.-ft  30.0 cm
= 4 x 375 = 1500 cubits   56.0 cm
= 4 x 400 = 1600 cubits   52.5 cm [Ant VIII,95ff.; cf. XX,221, XV,415]
= 4 x 500 = 2000 cubits   42.0 cm

But only the latter, derived from 7 handbreadths  4 fingers  1.5 cm, fully
supports the traditional 500-cubit-symbolism.

After a creative break we have to investigate the cult architecture of
weapons and the filling of the hooked fish...

Best regards,
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"To celebrate our victory!" cried Squealer
"What victory?" said Boxer
                                 [Orwell, Animal Farm]

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