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Re: orion-list Another Proof for Doers = Essenes ?

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Dear George,

   Have you considered less exotic possibilities, such as that the Suidas' 
description of the Essenes as ascetic and contemplative derives from the 
common belief that the Therapeutae of Philo were a branch of Essenes?  
   For instance, Jerome ascribes similar practices to the two groups (e.g. 
Adversus Iovinianum II 14, where Jerome deduces Essene vegetarianism from 
Philo's _The Contemplative Life_).  The Suidas obviously draws on the church 
fathers on the Essenes, e.g. in tracing them to the Rechabites.  You might 
try to identify Suidas' specific sources.  Or perhaps this work has already 
been done by others.  There are a couple works on references to the Essenes 
in the church fathers (neither available to me).  One was coauthored by 
Vermes, something like "The Essenes in Classical Sources" -- sorry, no exact 
reference.  The other is A. Adam, Antike Berichte über die Essener, Kleine 
Texte für Vorlesungen und Übungen 182 (Berlin, 1961).  These may discuss 
Suidas and his specific sources.  

Russell Gmirkin
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