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orion-list Re: Orion-list Another Proof...

On Fri, 24 Mar 2000 11:45:49 -0500 (EST), george.x.brooks@juno.com writes:
>T. Simms has commented on Suidas "the author".

  No, I quoted from the Encylopedia Britannic, 1934 edition.

>Michael A. B. Deakin of Monash University, Clayton, Australia
>had more things to say about this:

 Quote begins?          
>"The Suda Extract:
>The so-called Suda Lexicon is [an]... 

   [... Snip ... Avital's suggestion ...]

>George Brooks
>Tampa, FL

    No end of quote by here.  Whose epitome are you using, George?
    Suidas has been known for half a millennium to the Post 
    Rennaisance World.  What is your point?  That there were
    a number of extracts about the Essenes?   Very likely.
    But how can we know what there were without the sources,
    either named in Suidas or from other tracts and supported
    by other evidence.  Suidas' sources are mostly unnmamed 
    or have not survived.  They're useful when they point to
    otherwise supportable evidence.

    Surely you're not trying to argue this 10th C CE text against
    1st C BCE original material?

Tom Simms

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