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Re: orion-list Another Proof for Doers = Essenes

On Thu, 23 Mar 2000 20:29:16 -0500, george.x.brooks@juno.com writes:
>I may have stumbled onto what MAY be another way of proving
>that Prof. Goranson is on the right track about "DOERS" being
>the key source for the term Essene.

   Interesting excursus, George, but anchored well before
   finding the Qumran deposit.

>George Brooks
>Tampa, FL

   My 1933 Britannica describes Suidas, Greek lexi-
   cographer, of whom next to nothing is known, dating him
   by Eustathius (12th - 13th C CE) quoting him frequent-
   ly.  The last sentence of the Britannica being, "Al-
   though the work is uncritical, interpolated, and very
   unequal, it contains much information on ancient
   history and life."

   These references then follow:

   Editio princeps, by Demetrius Chalcondyles (1490);
   later editions by L. Kuster (1705); T. Gaisford (1834);
   G. Bernhardy (1834-53) and I. Becker (1854); see A.
   Daub, _Der S. Biographicorum origine et fide_ (1880)
   and _Studium zu den Biographika des S. (1882); and J.
   E. Sandys, _Hist. of Classical Scholarship_ (1906), p.

   Remember, too, there is a large industry at work titrating
   the biases of Philo and Josephus, both much closer to the


Tom Simms
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