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orion-list The outer form of the shield in 1QM

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The outer forms:

Polybius:         120 x (63?/)75 cm,  ?kg, bent-oval[1], 2nd c. BC
War Scroll:      115 x 69(/83?) cm, ?kg, ?form, 2nd/1st c. BC
Fayum:            128 x 64/80 cm,  9.50 kg, bent-oval, 1st c. BC
Auxiliaries[2]:    90(-120) x 50(-70)cm, 5-9 kg  flat-(blunt)oval;
hexagonal, 1st c. BC/CE
Junkelmann[3]: 128 x 65/81 cm, 9.70 kg bent-oval,1st c. BC/CE
Windisch [4]:   104 x 69/83 cm, 6.10 kg bent-semi-rectangular, 1st c. CE
Dura Europos: 102 x 83 cm, ?kg, flat-rectangular, 3rd c. CE


The War Scroll shield is either
- a bent-oval scutum for short, fat people of the Republican Age (e.g.
Obelix), or
- a bent semi-rectangular shield for zealous giants of the early Imperial
Age, or
- a flat-oval shield of (oriental) auxiliary units of the 1st c. BC/CE, or
- an innovation.

[1] e.g. Junkelmann_Die Legionen des Augustus_ p.174 ff._Mainz 1977
[1] but scutata with standard scuta
[2] replica 1985
[4] tegimenta scuti (shield cover)

Scuta dorsum!


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