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Re: orion-list Hutchesson paradigm endorsed by IAA :-)

Good one Greg  : - )

Can't blame a guy for tryin'


--On Fri, Mar 10, 2000 4:15 PM +0100 Greg Doudna <gd@teol.ku.dk> wrote:

> This item was brought to attention from (dare I say his name and
> implicate him in this?) Soren Holst.  It is a quote from the official 
> Israel Antiquities Authority web page.  Unless our arithmetic is 
> not right this sounds pretty close to the 63 BCE dating for the 
> deposit of the texts in the caves at Qumran proposed by Ian 
> Hutchesson in Nov 1999 QC. 
> "After more than 2000 years in caves, the Dead Sea Scrolls
> were taken to a totally different environment in Jerusalem."
> http://www.israntique.org.il/eng/news.html
> To get to the quote, click on the webpage above, then click
> on "Services" at the top, and next click on "Artifacts Treatment:
> Dead Sea Scrolls Conservation Laboratory". 
> Knowing Qumran text people, someone is sure to suggest 
> emending this text, but I like the sound of it as it is written!  :-)
> Gregory L. Doudna

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