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orion-list Hutchesson paradigm endorsed by IAA :-)

This item was brought to attention from (dare I say his name and
implicate him in this?) Soren Holst.  It is a quote from the official 
Israel Antiquities Authority web page.  Unless our arithmetic is 
not right this sounds pretty close to the 63 BCE dating for the 
deposit of the texts in the caves at Qumran proposed by Ian 
Hutchesson in Nov 1999 QC. 

"After more than 2000 years in caves, the Dead Sea Scrolls
were taken to a totally different environment in Jerusalem."


To get to the quote, click on the webpage above, then click
on "Services" at the top, and next click on "Artifacts Treatment:
Dead Sea Scrolls Conservation Laboratory". 

Knowing Qumran text people, someone is sure to suggest 
emending this text, but I like the sound of it as it is written!  :-)

Gregory L. Doudna

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