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orion-list Jerusalem summer school/liturgy

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The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Institute for Advanced Studies


The 10th Jerusalem Summer School in Jewish Studies, on:


                         26 June  - 5 July, 2000

This year's school will address the history and development of Jewish
liturgy from its earliest and formative stages to contemporary attempts at
forging new and innovative forms of prayer. Seminars will examine the
historical and theological contexts in which normative jewish liturgical
texts were created and disseminated. Specific topics of inquiry will
include: the relationship of prayer to poetry; prayer as a mystical
experience; the development of musical contexts for liturgical expression;
the evolution of liturgical texts from Qumran and the talmudic/geonic
periods through the Middle ages; varietirs of liturgical development among
specific Jewish communities; a comparative study of Christian and Jewish
liturgies; prayer as the religious expression of elite and non-elite
groups within the Jewish community; contemporary liturgy and the challenge
of feminism. A day-long trip to ancient synagogues in the Galilee will
attempt to provide a sense of the physical and social environments in
which liturgical texts were produced and employed.

The school is intended for advanced graduate and post-doctoral students.
Scholarships covering substantial portions of travel and accomodation are
available to qualified candidates. For application forms write to: The
Jerusalem Summer School, Institute for Advanced Studies, The Hebrew
University of Jerusalem, Givat Ram 91904, ISRAEL. Fax: 972-2-6523429.
E-mail: advanc@vms.huji.ac.il  Application deadline: 20 April 2000 Website
address: http://www.as.huji.ac.il/html/jewish2000.html

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