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Re: orion-list Josephus Vita 9-12

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Robert Kraft wrote:

>Does anyone know of a responsible English language treatment of the
>materials gathered by J.Thomas in his French monograph on "Baptist
>Movements in Palestine and Syria" in this period (from 1935 or so)? I've
>often wondered if it deserves to be updated and revised in view of our
>newer evidence and hypotheses.

Dear Bob:

I think it certainly deserves to be updated. In English, I'm afraid, there
is nothing comparable, but there is another French monograph in the same

Daniel Vigne, _Christ au Jourdain. Le Baptême de Jésus dans la tradition
judéochrétienne [sic! I mean the spelling of the last word]_ Paris: Gabalda,
1992 (Études bibliques, n.s., no. 16). 362 pp.

Both Thomas and Vigne should be read together with each other.
Unfortunately, Vigne seems to disappear from the academic scene since the
early 90s. His former PhD supervisor, Fr Thomas Spidlík, told me that he is
a RC deacon.

Basil Lourie
revue _Xristianskij Vostok_
St. Petersburg, Russia

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