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orion-list RE. Bannus, the four philosophies and so on.

First I think I should respond to George Brooks' flattering title of 'Prof.' 
he attributed to me.  This is,  unfortunately,  untrue because I am a PhD 
candidate.  Thanks anyway and I'm sorry if I was misleading in any way.

Secondly,  I am in broad agreement of the parallels between Bannus and the 
Essenes. I do not think he necessarily had Pharisaic leanings.  All I was 
suggesting is that the development of the Torah in Second Temple Judaism was 
massive and that individuals may have been impressed by different groups.  
There is the **possibility** that Bannus was particularly impressed by the 
Essene movement.  He may of course been an ex-Essene or whatever.  The 
purpose of this suggestion was to provide a slightly different angle on this 
on going debate and picking up on the idea that Jospehus is not telling us 
everything with the idea of four philosophies,  useful though this may be.


(Mr.) James Crossley,
Dept. of Theology,
University of Nottingham,


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