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orion-list Hoping we are done with a Non-Argument...

I was going to send this to Ian Werrett off-list, but thought this
should be put into the open:

He says:

> Any detailed study of Bannus should include a comparison with John 
> the Baptist as he exhibits many obvious similarities with the practices

> of  Bannus.  To ignore the these similarities would be an exercise in 
> poor scholarship.
> Ian Werrett, Trinity Western University

No where have I suggested that similarities with John the Baptist
and Bannus cannot be explored in the pursuit of good scholarship.
I believe the exact quote of mine was:  "Do I even detect an urge to
make Bannus "into" John the Baptist?"

After that, the fat was exploding in the fire!

My issue is with disproving the Essene nature of Bannus by
references of any material kind to John the Baptist.  I am not
"disinterested" in John the Baptist.  I am fascinated by him.  And
I think Eisenman does some brilliant work in his JAMES BROTHER
OF JESUS book on pulling out the Essene parallels in the literature
about John the Baptist.

But to try to repudiate Josephus' obvious intent of his passages
on Bannus by bringing in John the Baptist is a matter MUCH more
controversial than anything I have offered along the lines of the
Bannus = Essene trajectory.

George Brooks
Tampa, FL

P.S.  If we want controversy, let me suggest this:  If John the
Baptist turned out to be Bannus's older brother, I would be 
absolutely delighted.  And I would also **still** maintain that
Bannus was obviously an Essene (but **not** because of 
John the B.).

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