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orion-list A Delinquent Nod to Prof. Kraft

Because of the press of business, I am late in commending
Prof. Kraft for the marvelous presentation of the two
translations of a portion of Josephus.  It was extremely
helpful to see the text running parallel in that manner.

I look forward to Orion participants more frequently
including the actual "clippings" of text and quotations
more frequently.  It helps clear up confusions and
thinking tremendously.

You may recall my "extensive" reproduction of pieces
of Dr. Charlesworth's RECHABITE HISTORY, which drew
a cautionary note from the moderator (and rightly so).

Today I double-checked with Dr. Charlesworth's office
and his express written permission (and by his own
words on the phone, an enthusiastic permission too) 
will be arriving soon.

If anyone would like to receive a second copy of
those Rechabite text quotes, please contact me off-list.
I passed on the pieces that dealt with the deceased
"Holy Ones" becoming like stars to Prof. M. O. Wise
(author of the recent THE FIRST MESSIAH), and he seemed
pretty happy to see this mysterious reference (which he
dwells on in his book) appear in the Rechabite material.
I encourage Orion lurkers to take another "lurk" at
the interesting connections between Rechabites, Scribes,
Maccabees and the Essenes.

George Brooks
Tampa, FL

P.S.  Just in case:  "Neither Prof. Kraft, Prof. Wise
or Prof. Charlesworth endorse any of my views."  The
list keeps getting longer.  Thank you.

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