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RE: orion-list Re: Bannus, the four philosophies & so on

Prof. Crossley suggests that Bannus might be unaffiliated
with the Pharisees or with the Essenes.  I think this 
brings us full circle to the idea that Bannus was
an "Ex-Essene".  I don't see how this helps anyone
with their Essene indigestion.  But I will say "why
not!" if it means others will accept Josephus using
his Bannus discussion for what he intended it:  he
spent 3 years in the Wilderness (where Essenes are
known to dwell unlike Pharisees) learning the ways of
the Essenes.

Perhaps it was 3 years of "pretend"
study - - that Bannus had no credentials as an
active Essene (which I think would be odd for even
a 16 year old to do).  But clearly Josephus intends
for his audience to perceive the seriousness of his
effort to learn the ways of the Essene.  And if the
3 year mark is mentioned purely coincidentally, with
no expectation that his audience would imagine that
he finished the 3 year trajectory that he himself
mentions elsewhere in his work, then Josephus is not
nearlyl as clever as we think he is.

George Brooks
Tampa, FL

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